What is your lien procedure? What do you have on your form? 
I know it varies by State I am in Florida.
Do you put the auction date on that notice or a 2nd notice?


  • themage
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    We issue 2 notices other than the late notices. The first is "last chance before we get serious" kind of letter, and the the full lien notice with the final pay by / auction date.

    For us, the full notice must be sent to the tenant (last known address) at least 30 days before the auction date.
  • Nazpastortony
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    1. We explain the process very clearly while going through the lease.
    2. Our process states rent due on the first, On 6th gate will lockout and overlock applied. After the 10th late fee assessed.
    3. After 30 days past due, a letter stating that the auction process begins after 45 days past due, giving 2 weeks to bring account current.  After 45 days past due locks will be cut, unit inventoried for auction and the process begins.  Letter states that cut lock fee, auction fee and new lock fee will be added and will need to be paid in full to stop auction process.
    4. Lien notice is sent at this time and we begin official process.

    Almost always if they receive the 30 day past due letter, they resolve their account before the 45 day mark.  Some people seem to just like to live that way and will pay but need those letters.

  • rmason
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    We use an Excel spreadsheet based on FL Statute 83.  Process runs 75 days from late notice to auction date.  Contains most of what was mentioned above.
  • BusyProperties
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    Our auction process is 8 weeks total & I only have 2 a year. It is just me so it makes it easier. I send out the auction notice advising them of the auction date. Put it in the paper 5-6 weeks later & auction 2 weeks after that. I give them fair notice if they would like to stay out of the paper to pay it before that 6 week mark. I am in IL.

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