AVS Mismatches

An AVS Mismatches is now showing up on my Reminders, when you click it, it does not go to any specific unit, it usually just times out after a long search. First we had the "ghost" ACH Get Returns that Sitelink cannot remove, now we have this?


  • ESS
    ESS TXRegistered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified, myHub Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you go to Reports> Credit Card Roll>sort by AVS Result
    that is the report it is trying to pull. It does take a really long time to pull...like a ridiculously long time. It will list which AVS is matched, no match, and not checked. This report is unreliable though and reports false information, as I have gone thru every tenant's file, reached out and they are all verifiable. Basically our company is getting charged more for "incorrect" AVS, when they are a match. We've all voiced our concerns about this and have been told "they're looking into it" but no resolution has been offered thus far. I will say, while trying to pull the report, if you hit Cancel, it will bring it up a lot quicker for some reason.
  • cashgloria
    cashgloria NARegistered User
    Same problem here!  Very time consuming and irritating.  I'm just ignoring this bogus reminder now!
  • Stacy
    Stacy TXUnconfirmed, Registered User
    We have had over a hundred for months now.  Initially, Sitelink said it was an issue they were resolving. I guess my OCD got to me, so I started looking in to it.  I don't want to contact the customers, either. I went in to each one (Tenant, Unit number, Credit Card) and found the following:  Take out anything like Lane, Ct, Court, Street, Cir, Circle (the type of street), and then all matched and my AVS number went down.  Then on some, I took out # symbol and put Apt. instead, some were periods like P.O. Box, which I took out and they matched.  Some were just placing an extra space in the address.  Many of these have been clients for years and never had a mismatch, so no clue why now.  So, once you make any change in the address, there is a button to verify AVS, so click on that and see if you get a match, then save the changes. I found that if the ZIP and Street didn't match, it has to be they moved. Hope this helps if you decide to go for it.
  • Jeffweb2015
    Jeffweb2015 ILRegistered User
    Hello, First time posting here. We have just come across this. AVS wasn't there for us and now oh boy! It's a nightmare to me since I'm handling it. Down to about 20 no match and partial match.  Going to try the suggestions @Stacy.  Thanks 

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