AVS Mismatches

An AVS Mismatches is now showing up on my Reminders, when you click it, it does not go to any specific unit, it usually just times out after a long search. First we had the "ghost" ACH Get Returns that Sitelink cannot remove, now we have this?


  • ESS
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    If you go to Reports> Credit Card Roll>sort by AVS Result
    that is the report it is trying to pull. It does take a really long time to pull...like a ridiculously long time. It will list which AVS is matched, no match, and not checked. This report is unreliable though and reports false information, as I have gone thru every tenant's file, reached out and they are all verifiable. Basically our company is getting charged more for "incorrect" AVS, when they are a match. We've all voiced our concerns about this and have been told "they're looking into it" but no resolution has been offered thus far. I will say, while trying to pull the report, if you hit Cancel, it will bring it up a lot quicker for some reason.
  • cashgloria
    cashgloria Registered User
    Same problem here!  Very time consuming and irritating.  I'm just ignoring this bogus reminder now!
  • Stacy
    Stacy Registered User
    We have had over a hundred for months now.  Initially, Sitelink said it was an issue they were resolving. I guess my OCD got to me, so I started looking in to it.  I don't want to contact the customers, either. I went in to each one (Tenant, Unit number, Credit Card) and found the following:  Take out anything like Lane, Ct, Court, Street, Cir, Circle (the type of street), and then all matched and my AVS number went down.  Then on some, I took out # symbol and put Apt. instead, some were periods like P.O. Box, which I took out and they matched.  Some were just placing an extra space in the address.  Many of these have been clients for years and never had a mismatch, so no clue why now.  So, once you make any change in the address, there is a button to verify AVS, so click on that and see if you get a match, then save the changes. I found that if the ZIP and Street didn't match, it has to be they moved. Hope this helps if you decide to go for it.
  • Jeffweb2015
    Jeffweb2015 Registered User
    Hello, First time posting here. We have just come across this. AVS wasn't there for us and now oh boy! It's a nightmare to me since I'm handling it. Down to about 20 no match and partial match.  Going to try the suggestions @Stacy.  Thanks 
  • Stacy
    Stacy Registered User
    Hello again!  I thought I would share a new learning about this. I'm finally down to 6.  I found that if you only put in the street address numbers and then verify, it will come back with the box stating it doesn't match, but once you close that box, the main screen says it's a match and it lowers my number of mismatches.  It is only looking for the zip and numbers in the address area. So, I though I would try the PO Box ones with just the number of the PO Box.  That worked too!  I had a street address only not work, but just the Apartment number only and that worked.  I think the remaining 6 must be a real mismatch, so may consider calling the tenants for those.  Good luck with this!

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