Chargebacks - Looks like that month was posted twice on the ledger

On his receipt that he paid for with a money order it looks like one month was charged twice.  That month was a chargeback so i understand it looking like it is due again, but it looks like he paid for that month twice when he paid with a money order.  I am confused.  And the receipt says May two charges and the ledger says April two charges but not may.  It is very confusing.

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  • storable_support
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    Hi @UstorGreenway-We need to see the receipt and or ledger to figure out exactly what's going on. Please call our support team at 919-865-0789 Option 2 so we can help you troubleshoot. -Lyndsey H


  • MamaDuke7
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    How does it show in the ledger?
  • UstorGreenway
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    Kim at Sitelink was awesome.  We figured out the problem. One receipt has part of May then the payment went towards the fees, the second receipt has the balance from that same month after the fees.  So it wasn't actually charged and paid twice.  I needed to look at the  payment column.  Thanks Kim very much!!
  • UstorGreenway
    UstorGreenway Registered User
    The ledger confused me because of the chargeback.  But it makes sense because that payment was reversed.  Thanks for your awesome customer service and technical support.   

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