Storlogix and "duplicate access code" highlight resulting in "suspended" (but paid) users

My owners purchased Storlogix (PTI Security) this past January, 2022 and it has not worked properly since it's installation.  

The company we bought it from (RG Maintenance out of Colorado) says it's because Sitelink allows multiple units linked to one gate code (even though Storlogix shows a "duplicate access code" yellow highlight in the "classic view" which Sitelink does not allow).  You cannot give separate gate codes to linked accounts (one Sitelink tech actually told me to do this, but, again, Sitelink does not allow). According to the owner of RG Maintenance, the only way to avoid the "duplicate access code" highlight (which he says is the cause of miscommunication between the two softwares) would be to NOT LINK accounts when a user adds a unit; that is, a different anniversary date for each unit (we go by anniversary date).  Don't know about you, but we have many people with multiple units so that would be a crazy business practice.

I have been on the phone with both companies for hours on end to be told the "other" company's software is not updating or communicating properly.  I have yet to find a tech to be able to solve on either side. Although everything presents properly in Sitelink. We only have 2 workstations and I have narrowed it down to happening mostly when people are moved in on the workstation without the gate software.  Also, one tech from Sitelink and I actually saw Storlogix go "offline' while we were investigating one day. I do leave all of the Storlogix programs (red, blue, yellow, green) on with Sitelink logged off (at close) and just turn off the monitors now.  This seems to help but I can force one user, in particular, to be "suspended" if I update the gate for all tenants in Sitelink.  I must check the suspended users report in Storlogix every evening and manually "unsuspend" wrongly suspended users.

At this point I would advise caution in purchasing Storlogix through PTI...


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    The duplicate access, the way it was explained to you, was correct. If you don't want a code to be "duplicated" you will have to separate that tenant's units. This only happens when a tenant has multiple units that are linked, hence the "duplicate" code. It's not actually duplicated to another tenant though. 
    You can add a separate gate code for one tenant by going to Access>then adding a name>then you can adjust/change the random code by double clicking on the person you've added on the right side. 
    You can also go into StorLogix and add non-tenants or that can be used for additional access for tenants if you don't want to add them in the Access section of SiteLink. Just go to Users>Add>then enter the info and assign the code.
    My system goes "offline" occasionally, but everything still works and runs properly. I only keep SiteLink open (at the sign-in screen) and the red main StorLogix program open. When we leave for the day, we just lock the computer (ctrl+alt+del), and it runs all night. 
    For the wrongfully suspended tenants, I've had that happen twice in 5 years so if it's a major issue, I'd put in a ticket, but good luck with that because PTI support is awful! There's also a setting in Setup that helps with SiteLink talking to StorLogix.
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    If you're interested in another storage forum , there is a rep from PTI that can help with issues and tickets. 
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    Thank you so much, I'll check it out!

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