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We are having an issue with emails. We send out hundreds of reminders or late notices at a time with no issue.  But today I created a custom letter within sitelink to email customers about auto enrollment in the tenant protection program we use.  We went to letters .. wizard abs checked all uninsured customers, under document delivery we checked email and then hit send.  Started fine and then after 80 emails the rest bounced back.  Did it again and it would only let us send 80.  Why can I send hundreds of late notices or reminders but only 80 at a time with a custom letter in sitelink ? 


  • JulieAton
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    Thanks for sharing.  Hope you get an answer.  I have trouble with both late notices/reminders and custom.  Sometimes it will only send 5 at a time.  With almost 500 tenants a process that should be simple is made very tedious. 
  • JulieAton
    JulieAton Registered User ✭✭✭
  • ESS
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    This happened to me Monday, for the first time. We use Outlook and I sent a blast email, but it came back that only 114 were sent. The pop-up message said 250 sent 250 failed. I had to go into my Sent folder to see where it actually cutoff at. In my 5 years using SL I've never had an issue with it limiting the amount of emails it sent so it's odd. Another thing, it didn't log it into many customer notes that the Letter was sent to them, when they were in the Sent folder.
    I don't ever send more than 100 of any other notices at a time, so it's never been a known issue and the last bulk email I sent out was 12/22/21, before Monday. 
  • storable_support
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    Hi @Jim0623 - SiteLink Web Edition places no limits on how many emails can be processed at once. If emails are bouncing back undelivered, the most likely cause is the email provider is either restricting based on daily or monthly thresholds or another limiting factor. You will want to investigate with your email provider. If the emails hit the send folder then they have been sent in the system. -Lyndsey H
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    We have an issue w gmail re: not going to customer's Inbox but to the Promotions folder.  Even I didn't know I had that folder until I discovered this problem.  Junk or Spam may also have the email.
  • AnitaJohnson1269
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    our gmail all of a sudden started deleting inbox messages older than 2 weeks. 

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