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Hi Everyone, I recently put a "Feature Request" into SiteLink for a new, usable tracking feature to use for direct Marketing. The feature requested is to add additional options/selections under the "Referral" option in the Marketing Tab. So once you put a check to indicate the customer is a referral, I propose that an additional drop down occur, offering more detailed selections, in which to indicate how this customer was referred to you. These additional options should be options which each site will be able to fill in and determine what sources are beneficial to track, such as "Moving Company", "RE Agent", "Local Business", "Current Tenant", etc. On the back end, this new feature will also allow for tracking reports to track each sources efforts. If you agree that this feature will benefit your company, please put a request into SiteLink for this feature. If SiteLink gets enough requests for this feature, they will create it. 


  • nicholleiwaoka7
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    edited November 2022
    This is a good idea because it will allow you to track which promotion channels are more effective. For a marketer, this will be valuable information that will help improve the company's marketing activities. The role of marketing is very important for every company. Our company works in a B2B environment. To increase our customer base, we turned to, which was a very good decision. They developed a unique promotion concept for us.

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