First of Month Billing

I know this is the wrong category, but it would only let me select from a few of the categories in the drop down menu.  Hopefully you can change the category.  Anyway... We switched to first of month billing several months ago and I am just wondering exactly how does sitelink calculate the second months rent.  I sometimes have a difficult time explaining how it works to the customer.


  • ReeseH
    ReeseH Registered User
    I explain thusly: if I'm moving a tenant in today, I tell her she's paying from the 22nd to the 22nd, then next month's rent will be from the 23rd to the end of the month, but it's due on the 1st. Some people get it, some don't, and some get it til they are billed on the 1st, then call and ask what the cuss is going on.

    And don't get me started on trying to read the ledger if there is a transfer during the first two months.
  • Gregory
    Gregory Registered User
    We manage our facility from off site due to its rural location.  When a move in is conducted by taking information by phone we explain the emailed contract will reflect the security deposit, prorated first months rent, and the entire 2nd months rent.  Usually by the turn around time that we receive the check it will be approaching time to send the 2 months invoice anyway.  We have never had complaints about this approach.  They are then in sync for 1st of month billing.  We are fortunate that a lot of renters come from much higher priced areas so they are generally please with the move in costs.

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