How do you retain your Boat and RV customers in the off season??

Just bought our first Boat & RV location in Florida back in May. We are doing well filling the site last 3 months - But my question is, when we closed on property in May we saw a ton of customers move out telling us they would be back, and old owners held spots for them. We told them if we have spots we would gladly rent to them again, I understand they do not want to pay while they take their RV across country for 4-5 months. How do you seasoned Boat and RV managers retain your customers?

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    When I did it, we just knew that it was predominately seasonal.  I was near Palm Springs, and so we had ALL the Snow Birds that came down from Canada and the Northern US.  We filled up in October and we nearly emptied in Late April or Early May, depending on the weather.

    Of course, we had the year-round landscaper, pool cleaning, and plumbing company fleets.  Those are they types of businesses I would target to keep some income all the time.  The more of those you get, the less dependent you are on the seasonal renters.

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