Delay in Sitelink syncing to Noke Smart Entry

I'm wondering if there is a button or ability to have Sitelink sync with Noke in real time? Right now, when a unit is rented in Sitelink the system is meant to automatically sync with Noke in real time and input all of the tenants information so they can download the app and access their unit. Currently, there seems to be a delay when syncing, which causes a problem when a tenants cell phone number needs to be updated in real time so they can use their phone to open their unit. 

I'm able to manually edit tenant information in Noke itself, but I'm hoping I can avoid having to do that twice in both Sitelink and Noke and only have to make the edit in Sitelink and have it update automatically in Noke. Does anyone know if there is a way to manually send out data from Sitelink or if this might be an issue on Noke's end?



  • Max
    Max Registered User, Daily Operations Certified ✭✭
    Please reach out to me I can share my thoughts. I have 24 units that have Noke and then the rest of my facility has traditional locks. Have been in constant communication with NOKE and Sitelink. I can be reached at Thank you Max

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