Revisiting the old credit card debate

GlenMark Registered User ✭✭✭
I understand the need to increase security measures on credit card transactions. We live in that kind of a world now where credit cards and bank accounts are getting "hacked" on an increasingly regular basis. I know the majority of my tenants who pay their monthly bills by card have been victims of this on numerous occasions. I, personally, try to be as safe with my own card usage as I can and *knock on wood* haven't had an issue since 2013.

But we all know this is the world we live in.

However, I am not sure if your security measures are actually beneficial or not.

First off. I have tenants who have rented additional units from us. These tenants already have cards on file for automatic payments, but we have to ask for their full card information when they want these additional units. This is time consuming, and honestly, a little but frustrating for both tenant and myself. Case in point, I had a reservation last night from a longtime tenant who wanted an additional unit. I could have taken care of the rental first thing this morning, but because I have to wait for the tenant to call or come in, we've now lost a bit of that quickness and convenience factor that we've become known and admired for.

Secondly, we are still dissatisfied with not being able to give our moved-out tenants their security deposit refunds on cards that aren't already on Storable's database. This has also been time consuming, as well as costly, since we are now sending our more refunds via USPS.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I miss a lot of the ease and convenience that SiteLink once was. 


  • storable_support
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    @GlenMark - We understand the pain of re-entering cards-on-file so they can be shared by multiple units rented by a tenant. We do intend to improve that experience and have work prepared to do so.

    Issuing refunds of (pre-existing) security deposits and rent prepayments by credit card is risky as it can be abused by bad actors. To mitigate, there are guardrails in place that require a card to have made enough payments through the Storable Payments system to at least equal the amount of the refund to be given. This can be cumbersome after initial migration but is a necessary bulwark against fraud and should become less impactful over time. We appreciate your patience with this effort.

    -Lyndsey H
    LABANDMS Registered User
    I keep seeing messages where people have commented that they are working on this issue. Has there ever been a resolution?
  • MamaDuke7
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    LABANDMS said:
    I keep seeing messages where people have commented that they are working on this issue. Has there ever been a resolution?
  • helenatim
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    I feel your pain @GlenMark!  As a one man operation, I try to streamline everything.  So when I rent to tenants who already have a card on file, I usually just run the first payment to complete the move-in.  That gives me plenty of time before the next autopay to make a call to them and get their card number again.  It is another step, which is annoying, but customers appreciate security. 
  • ChrisRobinson
    ChrisRobinson Registered User
    edited December 2023
    I like the company I work for. Prorate going in not out. No security deposits. Card only facility. It's so smooth you would think it's warm butter.
    But to tag onto your complaint I think people honestly like the security measures put in place and if they don't  :'(

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