The default move out form has no data

The default form that prints at move out has no information.....


  • MamaDuke7
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    That has the wrong keywords!  It has merchandise.  Here is the default form info to replace it with.

    <Site.StreetAddress1> <Site.StreetAddress2>
    <Site.City>, <Site.Region>  <Site.PostalCode>
    <Site.Phone> Moved-Out Tenant
    Refund Status

    Tenant <Tenant.Name> Date Printed <Date.Notice>
    Company <Tenant.CompName> Unit <Tenant.UnitName>
    Address <Tenant.StreetAddress1> Move-Out Date <Tenant.MoveOutDate>
    City, State, Zip <Tenant.City>  <Tenant.Region>  <Tenant.PostalCode> Charge Balance <Tenant.BalanceCurrent>
    Refund Balance <Refund.Balance>

    Refunds Due
    Date Description         Total
    Subtotal Due: <Refund.RefundsDueTotal>

    Refunds Paid
    Date Description         Total
    Subtotal Paid: <Refund.RefundsPaidTotal>

    Refund Balance: <Refund.Balance>

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