What is the correct way to process a refund after tenant decided he didn't need it?

sdgr35 Registered User ✭✭
A tenant came in 2 days after signing lease, never moved in as he decided he did not need it. The owner approved refund in full amount which was prorated amount of 59.03.

When trying to do a regular move out, the amount was less than owed. Was there a different way to do this? he paid with cc. But I ended up paying him in petty cash.



  • sonyawiprud
    sonyawiprud Registered User ✭✭✭
    The best way we do this is to Void the receipt, this gives them all of the  money back. I have found that you can't pro-rate them when there is a set-up fee and merchandise sold on the same transaction. So I void the whole transaction. Some restrictions might be on you that won't allow that. 

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