What is the easiest way to clean/dust off locker doors?

We've tried using microfiber clothes and warm water with cleaner but it breaks everyone's back.. We've also tried using a duster with an extender arm and find that we just go through way too many duster head replacements. Any suggestions? What do you use?


  • ESS
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    We use Swiffer dusters and it can cover about 30 units or so before we have to change it out. If needed, we also use Magic erasers for scuffs, etc.
    For the hall walls, we use a Swiffer wet mop and change out the pads as needed.  
  • AKKathie
    AKKathie Registered User ✭✭✭
    They also make an O-Cedar EasyWring mop that works pretty well.  Using Dawn dishsoap breaks down any residues.  It is definitely a thankless process as no more do you finish a building than it is time to start over again. 😞

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