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Why is it so hard to get to tier 2?   Why even have 1?


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    @LADYLIFT1 - We’ve added additional tiers of support and more support agents to help you get to the best help, faster. Our Tier 1 agents will walk you through straightforward issues or they can direct your call to our Tier 2 staff for complex issues that require a more in-depth level of service.This level of specialization will result in faster answers for all questions – the straightforward and more challenging ones too.

    The reason why we made this change is that Storable’s business is growing and we wanted to add capacity to ensure we’re doing our best to be there when you need us the most. 

    That being said, it should not be difficult to get to Tier 2 if that is the team that needs to assist you with your problem. I notified our support director of your difficulties and he
     would love to hear about any specific issue with the call flow so that he can address it. If you would DM me some more information on what happened along with your email address and company name, I will pass it on to him to look into.

    -Lyndsey H

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