Customer req lock cut off

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If a customer is req a lock cut off.  Do you have them sign something?


  • PLstorage
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    Yes, we require everything to be in writing. We have a form that they need to fill out in order to authorize us to cut their lock off. 
    If they're not present when we cut the lock off, we secure it with a management lock. They would then need to come in with their ID to have that removed and pick up their new lock.

    Authorization to Cut Lock


    I, TENANT NAME, hereby authorize Plumas Lake Self Storage to cut the lock on my storage unit #___. 

    I understand that it shall remain my obligation to keep a lock on the storage unit as long as I remain a tenant and have property inside the unit.

    Cut Lock fee is 35.00 and must be paid prior to the lock being cut. 

    Tenant Signature 

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    thank you
  • teamcapitola
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    We also have a form to fill out. The form lists the Unit Number, Date, Time of Cut, etc.

    The big thing is to confirm that the person requesting is actually a listed occupant on the Rental Agreement. (along with ID check) and then have them sign (the form).

    The occupant requesting the cut must be present to witness the lock removal.

    The mgr. who performs the cut also signs and dates.

    There's also a place for a witness to sign, so when we have 2 staff present, we always have both sign. 

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