Is it better to show or not show prices on your website

Can anyone give me info on how to remove the prices from our website? We want it to show or say Call Office for Details.  I know if I change the price on Sitelink it will change it on our website too. 

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  • themage
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    If you have the new style Stowable website, at the bottom of your website is a link for Admin. 
    If you have a login for it, you can log in, select "settings" (gear icon) on the left, Standard Unit Listing, set your minimum available units to something larger than the number of units you have in a given size. Set your "no available unit text" to "Call Office for Details" or whatever you want it to say.
    Make sure "Hide Units with Less Than Min. Available" is not checked.

    Alternatively, you can go in Sitelink to Company, Modifiy units, select all the units of a particular type that you want to change, edit, tick the box for "Exclude from Website" and save it. Depending on the website settings, it might hide the unit entirely from the website, or it will trigger the less than min. available display.
  • ESS
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    Company>Modify Units>find the units (can seperate in bulk with sizing), check the box that says "Exclude from Website"
  • DDP3
    DDP3 Registered User ✭✭✭

    Inquiry calls are likely to decline when showing your prices online. Regardless how much your website boasts your features/amenities. IMO it seems the majority of customers just want the bottom line -how much it costs per month.

    My facilities typically set the market in my area, therefore we try our best not to show all of our prices online. Ex: any size we have less than 3 of, it will direct the customer to call for availability. We prefer to get the incoming calls, as it offers us the time needed in order to explain our benefits and/or why we might be more expensive than others. 
    GM_SJ_BSS Registered User ✭✭✭
    In the past I preferred our website did not show our rates because we are fairly new (3 years old) and the other Reit storage in town were totally stalking our website 24/7.  If I adjusted our rates, they adjusted theirs aggressively.  Since we were new, they would drop their prices super low, where being a brand new place with dozens of perks, it was very hard to compete.  So we had the rates turned off on the website.  Living here my whole life, I was very familiar with the other storage facilities in town as they were all at least 15 years or older.  One is in descent shape, the other is run down looking and the third is unmanned. I also worked for a reit storage company for years so I know a lot of their procedures and main business goals (main goal is revenue not customer service or facility upkeep).  Being brand new with all the perks we offer, we basically didn't try to compete with them, our prices were a little higher and we do not offer free month(s).  We did get a lot of calls with customers stating they could get a unit cheaper down the road with a free month, some went down the road and a lot of them came to us anyways.  Now that we are 3 years ins we have a new website that shows our prices (still don't allow online move ins-personal preference for time being).  As we are filling up and with more day to day things to due, its easier now to have the prices show so I'm not answering calls all day just for prices.  Even though we are doing well, and final bldgs. will go up most likely next spring/summer we still don't offer free months.  Out of the 3 other storage facilities in town, the one I'm at is the only family owned and we are absolutely keeping up with big guys.  In fact, our facility is now the one setting the rates, to the point we can now run a special and they can't match us but I still won't set our rates less then theirs - I feel you get what you pay and customers will pay a little more for the added amenities and good customer service.
  • helenatim
    helenatim Registered User ✭✭✭
    We don't have any REIT's to compete with, but we do have many local competitors.  Some are comparable quality, others not so good.  I firmly believe in posting prices on the website and we get a lot of online rentals. I might add a phrase on the website a price special on a certain size unit or something to encourage calls.  And even with all of the prices being posted on the website, I still get calls from people who are on the website and want to know our prices!
  • GlenMark
    GlenMark Registered User ✭✭✭
    We have our prices on our website, and it hasn't hurt general interest phone calls because most people have additional questions and it seems easier for them to speak to a live person about amenities, etc. And sometimes people overlook the prices and call to ask anyway.

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