Tenant Insurance Waiver / Addendum

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Does anyone have a sample of what they have customers sign if they are taking full responsibility because they choose to not purchase or provide proof of insurance for their items?   

I need help with the wording so if anyone can share theirs that would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance


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    Tenant Responsibility Addendum

    Your signature on this lease addendum is required as proof that storage customer insurance has been made available to you.  The addendum will be retained by this self-storage facility as a part of your lease or rental agreement.  

    I understand that this self-storage facility and/or it's management:
    1.  Is not responsible for loss or damage to my property
    2.  Does not provide Insurance for my stored property
    3.  Requires that I provide my own Insurance coverage or be uninsured (personally responsible for any loss)
    4.  Is a commercial business renting space and is not a bailee or warehouseman.

    I acknowledge that I have read the above information and have been given a brochure which explains the availability of TenantOne Direct Insurance.


    __Purchase TenantOne Direct which provides Insurance coverage for any stored property against burglary, storms, fire and more.

    __Accept full responsibility for any loss.  I am not interested in TenantOne Direct insurance at this time, but I realize I may purchase insurance at any time throughout the duration of my lease and prior to any losses.

    This is an addendum to, and made part of, rental agreement number __________


    Space number________

    Customer Signature_______________________

    Hope this helps
  • ESS
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    It's covered in our lease and they have to initial that section, but other than that we have a form for them to sign in our addendums. I can send it to you, if you'd like

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