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hello guys, I've been looking high and low for a replacement for my outside wall packs, we used to have the high pressure lights and bypassed the ballast to put LED light bulbs. our issue now is that dome of those wall packs are looking hideous, we got some led wall packs but they are integrated, meaning if they go out we got to replace the wall pack instead of changing a light bulb. is there such a thing as a LED wall pack that takes screw -in light bulbs and are not integrated? can't seem to find any. I'm afraid we are gonna have to get the high pressure wall packs but they are getting harder to get, at least here in Alaska.


  • themage
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    We retrofitted fluorescent wall packs, much the same way you did yours. I haven't found any LED wall packs with standard replaceable lamps. They all claim to be "maintenance free" and will replace the fixture under warranty, assuming it was installed by a qualified electrician. I did try a few of the cheaper ones, and they all failed within a handful of months. On the other hand, we have some really nice ones in our RV storage area that have been trouble free for more than 8 years now.

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