Is there a problem yesterday and today?

Usually everything sails along beautifully, but yesterday and now today already (9am Pacific) I start to load my 17 stores and I keep getting an error message and it shuts down the SL I am trying to open.  Sometimes when I go back and try again it opens just fine, other times it errors and shuts down again.  MyHub just does not offer the ability to do my job efficiently so only 1/2 an option for me.
Frustrating when I need to be ready for work at 9:30.

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  • themage
    themage Registered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified, myHub Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I don't see anything in the sitelink status page, and we (also Pacific) are not seeing any problems so far.
    Might be worth a call to sitelink support.


  • AKKathie
    AKKathie Registered User ✭✭✭
    So it kept happening and I called SL Remote Support for help before work started and within 30 minutes they had it all fixed and working faster than before!! 
    I want to give a Super Shoutout to SL Support!!! They have always been professional, efficient and friendly!

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