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I'm new to Sitelink and I'm having trouble with my ACH batches.  It shows that on 10/5 I submitted $832.50 to be processed.  However, it hasn't shown up in my bank, and all of those tenants still show not paid.  I'm not sure what to do.  Any suggestions??  HELP!!


  • storable_support
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    Hi @ReeBee - When a ACH is processed, it is assumed the payment is good and marks the tenant as paid. I think we need a bit more info on this one to help you! Would you please send an email to or call 919-865-0789, Option 4 > Option 1? That way we can talk through the specifics to see what is happening here. Thanks!
  • themage
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    Not sure if it is part of the problem here, but just a reminder for anyone struggling with ACH:

    Transactions need to be submitted and committed. We don't handle ACH anymore, but when we did, we would commit the batch daily when we checked for ACH returns.

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