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Hi, I am trying to increase my autopay users and I want to send them an email to encourage the signup. I haven't figured an easy way to see the accounts without a card on file and a check box format where I can check the account to receive an email. Can you assist me in accomplishing that?

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    You can export the Directory from reports to excel and scroll right to column "GX", click sort "z-a" the ones with no cards will be the firsts. Just delete the ones with credit card "tokens". There is nothing in sitelink to just send email with checkbox that I have seen, except "past dues". This would at least get you a list. 


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    Create a letter in Setup, Form Setup.

    Set up a CRM campaign schedule with the letter you want to send out. Maybe set the trigger to anniversary date or something so they don't all come up at once, or do all at once if you would rather. 

    Go into Customer Relationship Management from the front screen, select your new campaign. On the right hand side of the screen, select wizard. Set "Autobilled" to "no" and any other filters you want. Hit ok, and it will check the box next to everyone who is not on autopay. Hit process and it will mail or email everyone selected.

    After that is done, you can select all and dismiss the remaining ones so they don't keep showing up in the list. After you are done with the CRM campaign, you can turn it off in the campaign schedule.

    If there are a lot of tenants already triggered to appear in the list, it may take some time to populate, during which it will seem like Sitelink has frozen. Also keep in mind that many email provider have limits for how many emails you can send at a time or in a day, and how quickly.
  • PanamaCitySKUSA
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    Excellent advice, I'll try it!

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