Rent paid by Social services/late fee ??

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I have a tenant whose rent is paid by Social services and is always late.
Social services never pays on time and they do not pay late fees. 

My question is on regarding late fees not being paid by social services,
Is there a way to get credit for the loss of the constant waiving of late fees.
Not sure if that would benefit the owner of the facility. Small mom and pop business. 
Just double checking.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.  


  • ESS
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    I would draft a letter to whomever is responsible for submitting the payments. Advise them you will no longer be able to waive late fees (make up any reason: the system has maxed out on their account and will not permit that action to be done anymore or your company switched management software and it does not allow more than one late fee waived per 12 months). If you apply the payments directly into the Edit Charges & Payments, the Rent charge go over to Payment and apply it there; leaving the late fees. Having late fees on an account will not apply more late fees for said fees (if that makes sense?) late fees are only applied to past due rents. When the account is viewed, the rents will show paid, albeit late, but that will allow you to keep the late fees applied to the account. It is a kind gesture for you to waive the late fees, but you're missing out on what I'd imagine is quite a bit of passive income. The only way your company will benefit from the lackadaisical method of social services, is to start collecting the fees and stop letting them take advantage of your kindness. With that said, the tenant access won't be affected by the late fees being left on the account, but some form of action will need to be taken....IMHO
  • ChrisRobinson
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    At the end of the day social services has taken on the responsibility to pay for your tenenats rent, everyone has a boss. I would find out the office the money is being sent from and notify them that you have had to waive multiple late fee's and it's a loss to the company and troublesome for accounting. If they don't shift things around I would pressure the tenant to contact them as well as give them a warning that if they sadly won't communicate with you that you will be forced to move them out. But that's also just me. I DO have a heart, but at the end of the day storage is a business not a charity. :/

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