Error Message: Session Timed Out -- Website or Sitelink issue?

GM_SJ_BSS Registered User ✭✭✭
I have two tenants that have created accounts on our websites and have used the website to make payments etc. in the past  So suddenly one of them says that she can no longer log in, she keeps getting an error message 'Session Timed Out'.  Sitelink is not showing me any recent log ins under her notes section.  We have tried several things suggested by the website provider, such as using a certain browser, making sure they are on the correct view (Mobile/Desktop) and she can't get in, she came into the office to ask us to assist (elderly woman) and I could not sign in, it is not stating wrong password or anything, it just spins and spins and then the error message pops up 'session time out'.  We gave up, she just pays over the phone because she refuses autopay.  Recently another tenant that has had no issues in the past paying online, is suddenly getting the same 'Session Timed Out' message.  So now two are not even able to log in.  Called our website provider and was told that the sign in is actually a sitelink portal thing so it is a sitelink issue.  Has anyone else had this happened.  I am worried that it will slowly begin to affect other tenants if I can't figure it out.  Not to mention we prefer as many tenants as willing to utilize the website.

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    We have several tenants who can't pay online through our website because they get that message. There are a few who get a message that they still need to sign the rental agreement, even though the agreement was signed long ago.

    The session timed out message reminds me of an issue some years ago where tenants would get a "too many redirects" message or other errors. There was a workaround for that, but this time it really does seem to be the payment portal.


    GM_SJ_BSS Registered User ✭✭✭
    themage thank you for the information.  This payment portal is more problems than I care to deal with.  I've been using Sitelink for over 8 years, and as time goes on, the less impressed I am with it.
  • storable_support
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    @GM_SJ_BSS - We would love to help you troubleshoot this. Please email our support team at  We will want to look at how the website provider added the tenant portal to the website. Usually, the problem is related to session cookies on the tenant's device.

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