Issuing a Credit to Adjust Account

JulieAton Registered User ✭✭✭
I am sure I recently saw a post about this.  And I commented on it.  Can't find it now.  I have the exact situation.  Customer transferred to a different unit. I need to issue a credit due to a rate adjustment.  I go to Edit Charges and can type the number in the credit box but it goes back to zero.  At times in the past I have been able to enter it in the discount box but I can't even type in that box.  Any help?  Thanks 


    GM_SJ_BSS Registered User ✭✭✭
    The only time I had this happen to me, is if there is a payment amount listed in the box on the payment screen, that must be at zero before going in to edit payment & charges.  Also sometimes if the amount has already been discounted you won't be able to add a 2nd discount.  The discount box can only be utilized by using the 'apply discount plan' on the left of the edit payments & discount.   In the credit box, the credit can not be larger than the amount owed on the account.

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