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Adwords, Local Search, SEO: With A Smart Strategy, You Can Win More Business Than Your Competitors

kromoleonkromoleon NAAutomatit Moderator
edited April 2017 in Automatit


With a smart strategy, you can win more business than your competitors!

At the end of the day, one number defines the value of PPC and actually makes you money - Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). If CPA is high, strategies need to be improved. If it goes down, strategies are paying off. And when CPA meets our standard, our team asks, “How can we get even more customers at a lower price?”

Yes, it’s hard and takes time for a campaign to reach its full potential. That is why 67% of marketing companies cut corners and don't track adwords conversions.

When you look for a Pay-Per-Click team to help achieve your goals, be sure that they track your Adwords account properly to determine if you are performing well or not. One important rule to live by is if you are not tracking conversions from Adwords then you are losing in the online marketing world.

Local Search

Local is changing Google Search, it’s time to adjust or fall behind!

The biggest misunderstanding when it comes to Local Search is that it follows the same rules as organic listings. This belief will lead you down a road of misguided expectations and disappointment. Local Search allows the opportunity to gain more traffic than organic listings. Since Local Search is shown right underneath the four pack of ads, it takes around two scrolls for a user to even see your organic listing. On top of that, the top spots in organic are typically dominated by Aggregates and REITS.

It’s hard to rank at the top of Google, but it is possible as long as your marketing team properly maintains these 3 major components: Directory Listings, Reviews, and Nearest Competitor Analysis.

Any marketing company that promises you to rank at the top of Google is lying to you. Taking advantage of your Local Search opportunities will provide you more traffic and capture the market closest to your facility’s location.


Backlinks don’t work, optimize for the User rather than Google!

The old way of SEO is dead and gone. Being promised the top of Google just isn’t realistic anymore. The new and most effective way of SEO is building your website for the user and not Google. A good user experience and conversion rate goes a long way when it comes to being ranked high on Google. For self-storage, backlinks will not work for getting ranked on Google. Google has actually made it a point to penalize your website for these old, unethical practices.

When you look for a team to handle your SEO, make sure they truly understand what SEO means in this new day and age. SEO is now more of a ‘piece of the puzzle’ rather than the whole puzzle. If your marketing company views SEO as the main source of success then your business will not reach its full potential in the online market!

What do you guys think about using these features?

Kevin Romo-Leon
Marketing Communications Director
"How Storage Customers Think About Things"
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