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Mobile, Branding, and Responsive Websites

kromoleonkromoleon NAAutomatit Moderator
edited April 2017 in Automatit


The internet is going mobile, it’s time to go with it or get left behind!

Whether it is your marketing program or your website itself, you need to be optimizing for mobile. At the end of the day we can conclude that mobile users are just different than desktop users. There are different tendencies that we can expect from mobile users that can result in more conversions or reservations for you.

Google is really defining how important a mobile experience is based off their new mobile-first indexing. Google will be crawling your mobile version of your site, whether it’s a mobile site or a responsive site, and indexing your website based off how user friendly your site is. This shows that Google understands the world is moving more towards mobile and they are taking action to provide better search results for potential customers. With Google making this shift, make sure you shift with them to keep your website relevant in Google!


What’s your value proposition? Tell your story through Branding!

What is Branding? Branding is creating an identity for your storage facility or company. You want to make sure this identity is being formed the right way because it’s hard to change your identity once it’s created. This makes Branding that much more important. Your marketing company should be ‘telling a story’ of your brand through different avenues. Whether it’s through Custom Logo Design or through marketing avenues such as Adwords, it is important to know the story of your business is being told in the right way to create more business and revenue for you in the end.

Remember: It’s not an easy process to rebrand your business. Make sure your marketing company gets it right the first time to relieve any future headaches!


You don’t need a mobile site to get a better return on investment!

What is a responsive website? The easiest way of answering that question is that a responsive website provides an optimal viewing experience for the user no matter what device your website is being viewed on. Here are 4 reasons to optimize your website by making it responsive:

  • This type of design is flexible.
  • Provides an excellent user experience.
  • It's cost effective.
  • It's recommended by Google.

There is absolutely no question that a responsive website is important in today's day and age of technology. The most important insight you can remember is that the internet is going mobile. If your website is not responsive to adapt to the changes of mobile or tablet use then you are losing customers as you read this. Make the change.

What do you guys think about using these features?

Kevin Romo-Leon
Marketing Communications Director
"How Storage Customers Think About Things"
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