Kennards Hire Rally Australia is the final round of the prestigious World Rally Championship (WRC)

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(Kennards Hire Rally Australia is the final round of the prestigious World Rally Championship (WRC))

Held in Coffs Harbour in November each year, Kennards Hire Rally Australia attracts the world’s best rally drivers, teams, and over 60,000 fans enjoy world class rally action out on the stages with millions watching online.

The WRC has millions of followers on Social media and they consume thousands of posts from events around the world and the WRC itself.


World Rallying is popular – second only to F1. Million’s of rally fans enjoy extreme rally action worldwide via YouTube, Vimeo, Red Bull TV and Television.

R6 Web Design™ was selected in 2016 to lift Kennards Rally Australia’s profile globally.

“When we were selected to lift the profile of the rally, we understood exactly how much work it would be, Dallas Dogger, said.

“We knew we had a big job ahead of us and we knew we would have to work extra hard to overcome built-in barriers to success.


  • Rallying does not have a high sporting profile in Australia. Unlike Cricket and football that receive media coverage even when there is no news, building a fan base from people who don’t know rallying was always going to be a challenge. We knew we would have to build awareness with content that educated potential followers and build trust.
  • Geographically challenged. Australia is the only round of the WRC in the Southern Hemisphere. This has meant that we have little chance of getting close neighbours to visit or engage with us. We knew we would have to engage globally.


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