Change in customer behaviour rewards self storage sites with online transactions [Article]

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“This trend mirrors what we have noticed with customers using RapidStor technology” Dallas Dogger from Centreforce said. We developed RapidStor online move in technology over four years ago, it started off very slowly, but sites every day now rent storage spaces to their customers online 24/7

Consumer behaviour has changed and nowhere is it more noticeable in the growth in online transactions in the self storage industry through 2014 2015. Both OpenTech and Centreforce have seen the significant rise in the transaction numbers that come from online move in technology and kiosk use.


Online bookings and payments are now impacting the self storage industry in Australia quite dramatically and there is evidence to suggest that self storage sites that use online move in technology and payment technology may have an edge over competitors that do not use the same technology.

“Customers are impatient” Dogger said. In the old days customers would ring up and chat to a person behind the counter, often it was the only way they could make a genuine enquiry into the product or service. With online technology now providing an opportunity for a customer to browse through products pick the product that they want and buy it immediately, reduces that interface and into reaction with store staff.

In parallel with this new paradigm of customers buying online, customers are well educated into the products that they wish to buy, often embarrassing ill informed salespeople behind the counter who have not done their research into their own products nor their competitors...

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