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About Us [StorTrack]

DemoDemo NARegistered User
edited April 2017 in Stortrack

StorTrack was launched in 2014 and is the primary competitive and market intelligence service for the self-storage industry. StorTrack is available in North America, UK and Europe and Australia, and is used by thousands of self-storage facilities and companies across the world to support better decision-making. StorTrack aggregates public and crowd-sourced pricing data as well as other key market news and information, and uses advanced modeling to create useful analytics and forecasts to help self-storage managers as well as acquisition and investment professionals make better, more informed decisions. The service is available as an easy-to-use SaaS tool, as well as in specialist data and information services.

StorTrack is a product division of Aggregate Intelligence, Inc (Ai) - the world's foremost data intelligence company. Ai’s mission is to create intelligence products by applying advanced machine learning to aggregated data - tapping into the collective intelligence available in public and crowd-sourced data, to extract insights and intelligence that enable people and companies to make better decisions. Our motto is “the whole is smarter than the sum of its parts”, reflecting our belief that there is incredibly valuable intelligence available in the world for everyone, it's really just a question of finding it and knowing what to do with it! More information on Ai is available at

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