District Manager income maximization and auditing software for self-storage [Resource]

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What is District Manager?

District Manager is an income maximization and auditing software designed specifically for the self-storage industry. The software provides on demand financial analysis, business intelligence, and powerful visualizations to allow an operation to easily identify new revenue-driving opportunities and increase day-to-day productivity.

Discount Management

One of District Manager’s discount management reports allows you to easily filter through discounted tenants and display those eligible for a discount reduction based on your own criteria.

Concession Plan Analysis

District Manager analyzes your concession plans by cost per move-in, leases generated, and average stay making it easy to identify which plans are the most cost-effective and which plans should be eliminated.

Comprehensive Auditing

District Manager allows you to quickly audit your facilities. Its comprehensive auditing suites report at the facility, tenant, and employee level. You can audit every facility in your operation at the same time, instantly drill all the way down into any tenant's ledger, and view any notes associated with individual transactions.


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