How CGPP self-storage insurance program works

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Customer Goods Protection is easy to set up:

1. CGPP sets up the program at your site (remotely) and we train your managers. The program can work with all types of management programs.
2. Your store will offer Customer Goods Protection to your customers. When a customer purchases an agreement, you simply pay us a predetermined rate for each one and you keep the rest (this repeats each month the customer makes their payment). Customers will submit their payment with their regular monthly rent. If a customer cancels or defaults, you will not pay us for that agreement.
3. Your managers will find offering Customer Goods Protection is just as simple as selling a disc lock to a customer. Your managers will be given a point of contact in the event of needing assistance with selling or making claims.
4. CGPP handles all claims and have a very high approval rate. 
5. If your store already participates in a competitor's similar program, CGPP will pay all postage necessary to notify your tenants of the change in plans.

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