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Spotlight Newsletter Spring 2017

CowanCowan NACowanInsuranceGroup Moderator
edited May 2017 in Cowan Insurance Group

Spotlight Newsletter | Spring 2017

Spotlight Newsletter  Spring 2017  Issue 2  Cover image

This newsletter is designed to provide you with a broad spectrum of insights and interpretations of industry developments and features information for both our individual and group benefit/pension clients. Spotlight presents Cowan's point of view on social trends and how they may affect businesses, employees, and individuals from a benefits and investments perspective.

In this issue we showcase one of our manufacturing sector clients, Nucap Global, and pass along tips on how you can attract and retain top talent with non-traditional benefits. We take a look at how pharmacogenetics makes medicine personal, and find out how sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your organization's bottom line. Also in this edition—how you can make sure your benefits don’t get lost in translation, and a useful new tool that can help you gauge employee financial literacy.

You can view the latest Spring issue here!

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