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About SAGE Insurance for self-storage

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edited January 2018 in SAGE Insurance
SAGE Insurance Services, Inc. is a leading provider of insurance services for the self-storage industry. SAGE currently services over 350,000 tenant insurance policies a month for owners and managers of Self-Storage facilities in partnership with Great American Insurance on a nationwide basis. SAGE’s history of offering competitive and comprehensive insurance products complimented by unparalleled service and technology platforms for self-storage properties has been  a trademark of our success. In 2017 SAGE expanded its product offerings and tailored its technology platform to address the evolving insurance needs of Self-Storage real estate owners and has introduced Self-Storage Insurance Program (SSIP) a Property and Casualty product.
SAGE has been a pioneer in the Tenant Insurance and has been  providing this service since 2009.  Since then, SAGE has continued its market leadership in many ways, including the introduction of SSIP. 
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