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Handling Cash

JeffJeff HIRegistered User
We share a cash drawer in our office so it's difficult and sometimes impossible to find the source of errors. I think it would be great if Sitelink included the option to set up a till for each person who logs on. Then everyone handling payments could have their own cash drawer and enter the beginning till amount at the start of their day. They could enter the ending amount at the end of the day and make a cash drop.


  • DrewDrew GARegistered User ✭✭
    You answered your own question - give each employee their own cash drawer. You need to add the setting to login at the payment screen so there is no discrepancy with who is logged in while taking the payment if using a single computer. It wouldn't hurt to add the minimum login time to 10 minutes either.

    If you want to avoid it all together, push autobill :)

    I had two separate entities being ran out of a single cash drawer at one point with zero issues. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be!
  • JeffJeff HIRegistered User
    Thanks Drew, I agree it's pretty simple and I guess the starting and ending till entries isn't necessary. It would be helpful if Sitelink let you know exactly what each person is expected to drop and showed the initials of who took the payments on the Deposit Report.
  • DrewDrew GARegistered User ✭✭
    For some reason I thought the daily close had that but you are right, it doesn't. The initials are only listed on receipts. I would contact Sitelink to see if they have a detailed report with payments taken.

    Are you taking many cash payments daily?
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