Self-storage and college students

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One hot topic in college news is summer self-storage rentals -- click here for an example from a student in Tennessee. Must be that time of year! Anyone have thoughts on renting and/or marketing to college students?


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    My property is within 3 miles of a college that breaks for the summer from Mid-may to mid-August.  The "special" we have created for them includes a 30-day booking privilege with a prorated vacate at the end of their term (no discounts).  We also encourage sharing units with combination locks so that in whatever event a key is lost, the lock cannot be cut for anyone but the unit holder so the lock combination is a phone call away.  We encourage parents to rent for the students with the student as the alternate contact and if the student is available, to collect the student ID as well as Driver License.  We encourage paying out the entire account for the duration of the summer with the explanation that the freedom to travel is much nicer when one doesn't have to wonder or bother with payments due and late fees accruing.  It just takes some figuring at move-in and we've collected three to four months up front in May bolstering our income for the month and not missing that income for the remaining months.  We set their vacate date in advance and Site Link prompts for a move-out reminder 7 days prior. My 70+ student accounts are happy campers.  I don't know how I ever lived without Site Link in the past.

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