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 I have only been in self storage since October 2014. I have never been involved in a business that is so rooted in cut throating. Managers are calling other facilities acting lick they are concerned customers. They start by asking what is the rate on your 5x10s, next thing you know they wanna talk about 10x20s. I hung up the phone. Do me a favor: How many gas stations compete with other gas stations? A gallon of gas is the same in one place as another. Self Storage is a Cut-Throat Business!!!!


  • Orkocean
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    It all comes down to the workers themselves. I've had those that out right refuse, or try to be sneaky to get the pricing from me. It's fun when I KNOW who they are and let them do it for awhile before asking them if they want to keep wasting each others time or just be up front and exchange information. Some of the bigger companies have policies forbidding it but even with those companies i've come across managers who are more than happy to exchange information with me. I've never tried to be sneaky about it, i'll go in and introduce myself and offer my information before asking for theirs. Usually when it's an area i've been in for awhile i've established relationships with the local competitors where we send each other business when one of us don't have what the person really needs. So it's not the business, it's the people themselves. And I don't know what gas stations are like in your area but they are very cut-throat in areas i've lived.
  • Orkocean
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    Well said Sanzel... Over a 1000 units, across 4 properties and in my opinion there's never enough time to get it all done. I've done a wide variety of jobs and this is the one i'm sticking with for the simple fact I DON'T do the same thing every day. I can be out in the sun working with my hands, in an office working on a computer, or out meeting with local businesses etc..
  • StorageKodiak
    StorageKodiak Registered User ✭✭
    Sanzel, You forgot Chief, Cook, and Bottle washer....Just trying to help...
  • Drew
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    Mystery shopping is part of the game.. or you can pay for analytics to do it for you. I actually prefer going to the store in person so you can see the site and potentially pull some other good things from the trip, opposed to just prices. At the very least, see what you can do differently to set you apart from them!
  • ThriftyStorage
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    There are so many storage facilities, how do you set your store apart from the others? Give me some tips?

  • DerekBrett
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    its not cutthroat at all in my area, southern Oregon, we network with all other facilities and a 50 mile area. we all compare prices and send each other business when we're full, and we're usually full.


    curb appeal. people make decisions quick, if your facility looks ghetto then you're losing business. Also get involved with your community. sponsor a local high school or little league team. it gets your name out more and keeps it in the back of potential tenants minds.

  • superior_storage
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    I went out to our competition and introduced myself. Most were welcoming and showed me their facility. When we rent a unit due to a referral from one of our competitors, I send them a Thank you card with a $10.00 gift card. I have enjoyed working with the competitors and they send me a lot of business. 
  • ThriftyStorage
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    Sanzel: cut-throat is a bit harsh, I have bad moments from time to time. Sorry!!!
  • sanzel
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    Thrifty:  It's all good.  We all have moments. 
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    I always call other storages when we are full to send them customers and they do the same for me. We call each other monthly and say its that time again to go over rates.
  • Drew_Scadoo
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    Other storage companies here put in fake lead to leases over phone and website to mess with our conversion rate
  • Orkocean
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    This tiny town we're in has a has only one other site who's semi friendly and we send people back and forth with. The others are... ugh... We had one customer looking for boxes we didn't have, tried calling one down the road from the office phone.. ignored since caller ID i'm sure.. called from cell phone, answered instantly. Plus this town seems to enjoy leaving fake reviews. 

    Doesn't help that not too long ago there was a storage theft ring going on ran by managers of the one right down the road from us and now the new manager of it is still "top notch". A customer moved in here saying she was leaving them due to rodent issues and when she inquired with the manager about pest control she was told they didn't do any as they have a cat and didn't want it to get sick... 

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