Renting to rockers: Is your facility band-friendly?

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Some say it's an ideal rehearsal space...
Has this ever come up at your site?


  • Orkocean
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    Years ago we did, at one point had 3 bands renting spaces on the property. We only had one constant complainer from the apartments across a 6 lane highway. He would call the cops, the cops would come out to make sure they weren't doing any drugs/drinking and then actually hang out and play with the band. Those guys were true diehards for their craft, they insulated the unit the best they could while leaving only a tiny crack on the door for air and played in a non climate unit during the Texas heat when it'd be over 100 degrees.

    The same guy complaining left us a "nasty" review on google and we actually got a few non band rentals from it as people saw the review and liked that we supported musicians when most people were against it. That all changed when the property got bought out by a big corporate chain though and we had to make all of them move out as it was no longer allowed.   

  • AprilK
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    I currently have a band renting a unit in one of my climate controlled facilities.  No complaints so far and they have been practicing in there for almost a year.  I did put them in the building that is more secluded and does not have heavy traffic.  I did instruct them to please shut it down if a tenant does enter the building. So far so good.
  • Sue_C
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    Hey @AprilK, I feel like you're doing a good thing supporting the arts :) By the way, is the band any good?
  • 3021frank
    3021frank Registered User
    Hi.  My owners are strongly considering renting units to bands for practice.  We ARE in New Orleans  ;)   , so once a final decision is made, I think it will be very successful here.  We know a couple other facilities offer the space and actually promote it as a priority feature.

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