Has anyone tried setting up a tablet for tenants to use while in the office?

brandim156 Registered User
Has anyone tried setting up a tablet for tenants to use Kiosk style?  If so, what do you do to block certain tenant information seen when you go to make a payment on the SiteLink Hub...or do you?  Just curious...thinking about making this option available to my tenants in case my employees are busy with other customers.  Comments and suggestions would be appreciated!


  • Kristina
    Kristina Registered User
    OpenTech has a "tablet" option that gives facilities the ability to rent and collect tenant payments in office when the manager is busy. It is one of our most affordable options. Tenants would only be able to access their account information through the INSOMANIC software that integrates with most Property Management Softwares.
  • brandim156
    brandim156 Registered User
    Thank you for your feedback Kristina!  I appreciate it!

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