5 Reasons to Automate Your Collection's Process

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Past due rent can quickly become a self storage operator’s achilles heel. Consider that the average facility manager with 75 overdue tenants:

Makes 50 phone calls
Leaves 31 voicemails
Finds 5 disconnected numbers
Speaks to 14 people live
Receives 4 promises to pay
Spends on average 3.5 hours a week “dialing for dollars” in collection calls

The only thing worse than spending all day calling your tenants to remind them they owe you money, is not calling them and taking up valuable units that are costing you money rather than generating it.

Luckily it’s 2017 and there’s technology available to automate your self storage collections, like CallPotential’s Collection Manager. Read on to learn 5 reasons you should automate your collection’s process.....


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