WEBINAR Q&A: Convert Leads Faster with Lead to Lease and SiteLink eSign™

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Below is the list of Answers to the Questions asked during the September 13, 2017 webinar on Lead to Lease and SiteLink eSign, presented by James Renouf and Markus Hecker. If you missed the webinar you may watch it on-demand from the SiteLink website.

Q. When entering a reservation, can you specify a unit type rather than a specific unit number? This would make it easier to connect this reservation with an acceptable unit.
A. Yes, you can highlight the type of unit. The system does however assign a unit number. This does not mean that they must move into that unit number. When you convert the move-in, you can ultimately choose a specific unit or keep the one SiteLink assigned.

Q. Is there a place for notes in Lead to Lease?
A. Yes, notes are at the very bottom of the Lead to Lease workflow screen. Notes added to a lead stay with the person even after move-in, where additional notes may be added at any time.
Q. Can you see all the notes historically, or only add a new one?
A. All the tenant notes of an existing customer are visible during Lead to Lease (at bottom of Notes section of Lead to Lease workflow), where you can also add a new one.
Q. In myHub, can we go to the Operations screen using the left-mouse button to open a new tab, and then come back to a Lead to Lease reservation that we are still working on?
A. Yes, you can open myHub in a new browser tab or move to different sections within the screen. In either case you would not lose any information.
Q. We often get multiple leads for the same person through our website connection. Is there a way to combine them all into one lead?
A. You can cancel duplicate leads.

Q. Is there any way to not have an expiration date on new leads so it forces people to either rent or cancel the lead? We run into issues for instance with SpareFoot reservations sent over which are set to expire within a few days. If managers don't change the expire date, they often expire and are removed from active leads.
A. There is a setting in Company > Setup > Program Defaults > Reservations to extend the expiration date. There is not an option to remove it.

Q. Is the lease completed after collecting money for the unit?
A. Typically you would take a payment, then sign and print/email the lease.
Q. How is the gate code set up during the lead conversion process?
A. In myHub, the gate code is assigned after the move in and can be viewed/edited from the Payments screen on “Access” tab in the Unit section.

Q. Can I do online rentals and maintain hard copies in my office?
A. If using SiteLink eSign as part of the online rental process, there is a lease audit tool where you may print out the leases that were completed and store them in your office if you choose. However, this added expense (paper, ink, storage space and time) is counterproductive to some of the benefits of using electronic signature.

Q. Is credit card information still secure by taking payments from a phone or tablet?
A. Yes, it has the same level of security as taking a payment from SiteLink Web Edition. SiteLink maintains the highest level of payment security certification (same as Amazon) PCI Level 1 certification.
Q. Do our credit card readers work with myHub? Or do you have to enter the credit card information manually?
A. At this time, you still need to enter the credit card information manually. In the future you will have the option to use a device that swipes credit cards.

Q. If we’re using SiteLink Merchant Services, can we utilize the electronic signature in Web Edition as well? Or is that only a myHub feature?
A. SiteLink eSign electronic signature is part of SiteLink Web Edition and can be used with leases, letters and forms right in Web Edition or in SiteLink myHub. SiteLink Merchant Services customers have the additional benefit of using electronically signed credit card or cash receipts in both Web Edition and myHub.

Q. How do I verify ID with online rentals?
A. Customers still would come into the facility to show ID; however some unmanned operations choose to forgo this ID verification step and automatically give them gate code. Most operators offering online rentals leave the gate code off of the lease, requiring the new tenant to come to store and show ID (scanning it and saving image to the tenants profile in SiteLink) before providing them a gate code.

Q. How do you use SiteLink eSign for other forms?
A. In Web Edition, go to Setup > Form Setup > select an existing form to edit or click Add to create a new one. Place the cursor wherever you want to use an electronic signature, initials, checkbox, etc. then chose Keyword from the Insert drop-down menu at top of screen and choose the applicable eSign keyword (ESign.Signature, ESign.Initials, etc.) and click OK. That places the eSign field in your letter/form/etc. Choose Save As from the File drop-down menu and give it a distinct name, like “eSign AutoPay Authorization”. Highlight the new doc in the list and select an option from the move-in availability drop-down on right side of screen (disable, included or optional) and click Save.Also, you may send an eSign document from Company > Re-Print Forms panel > Forms > select the eSign document on the left and the tenant from the right, then choose print or email delivery, and then click eSign options to execute an electronic signature (if that document already exists for that tenant you will get the option to print/email the previously eSigned one.) Bulk sending can be accomplished using Customer Relationship Management from Operations > Customers panel.

Q. My owners are resistant to go paperless. How can I convince them?
A. Tell them about the ease of use and the money saved by not printing or storing the leases. In addition, electronic signature allows for a lease to be emailed and signed remotely, providing higher rental conversions. There is also a reduction in errors because an eLease cannot be submitted until all required fields are filled out. Lease audits are also a snap using SiteLink eSign’s lease audit tool.
Q. What is the fee to access leases from moved-out tenants?
A. There is no fee to access leases for moved-out tenants. SiteLink stores leases for 7 years after move out while you are a SiteLink customer. If you stop using SiteLink, we include eSign leases as PDFs as part of the data decryption process prior to transitioning to another program.
Q. If you are using desktop PCs at your facilities, do you recommend using Web Edition or myHub? If we’re not using a tablet or mobile device, why would we use myHub vs. Web Edition at the facility level?
A. SiteLink myHub will run on a PC or Mac and on a smartphone or any other mobile device that has an Internet connection. SiteLink myHub has features that Web Edition does not offer, due to its more flexible architecture. However, many customers prefer Web Edition knowing that they can still run reports, get receipts, and access all their data more without an Internet connection. You can choose what works best for you - they access the same cloud database.

Q. What is the advantage of using myHub rather than just entering the information directly into the software?
A. Convenience! SiteLink myHub is accessible on any device and browser. Many managers find it easy to bring a tablet when they walk with a prospective tenant to a unit, because they can finish the rental right on the spot. Having this mobility can be key to landing the sale—for example, if a client is convinced they need a 5 x 10, but when you get to the actual unit the client discovers the size just will not work. When a manager has a tablet running myHub with them, there’s no need to go back to the office and see what other units are available. You can finish the deal right there!
Q. I don't understand why I would want to use this in addition to what I already have on SiteLink. Why would I want two different access portals for the same tasks?
A. You can work in either Web Edition or myHub and be confident that the data is exactly the same. This is because both programs share the same database. You can choose the platform that best fits your workflow and business style. SiteLink myHub offers the convenience of a web browser and some features, like Lead to Lease, are able to be enhanced in myHub because of its more flexible architecture.
Q. Why don’t you put the same features on a device that’s easier to use (like a PC) rather than myHub, which is usually on a small device with no mouse?
A. SiteLink myHub is accessible in any web browser, so it will work on the same PC/keyboard/mouse you are running Web Edition. We are continuing to add features to SiteLink Web Edition. However, the HTML5 architecture used in web browsers is more flexible than the windows-based architecture of Web Edition, so certain features lend themselves better to the myHub browser interface. Plus, the responsive design (the interface adjusts to the size of the screen being used) of myHub uses the screen area more efficiently than that of static sized screens in Web Edition, also allowing for enhanced feature development.
Q. Are you able to track which devices are logging into myHub?
A. The employee name and IP address for each login to SiteLink myHub and Web Edition is being captured, but currently the myHub logins are not shown on the logon history report. SiteLink myHub logs the browser type and any information that the browser provides, however because many browsers restrict some of this information, many times we are unable to detect the device type. In the future you will be able to see this information on the report.
In addition, a store’s SiteLink Admin is able to restrict access to myHub and Web Edition based on IP Address.

Q. What if they need merchandise as well while on-site showing a space?
A. In myHub, merchandise can currently be sold from the payments screen (and of course during a move-in as well.) If the customer is just a walk-in at this point, the merchandise would be sold from the walk-in Merchandise screen in SiteLink Web Edition.
Q. Can we take a customer picture from myHub?
A. You can go to the payment screen and upload photos. You may store up to nine photos or uploaded documents per tenant record.

Q. Are there any issues with business records if audited?
A. We have not seen any auditing issues.
Q. Can you do a daily close from myHub?
A. Not at this time. This will definitely be added in a future update.
Q. Can you disable the move-in button so managers are forced to use the Lead to Lease process?
A. Yes, many operators find this useful to ensure they capture contact info on anyone contacting the site; it also pushes the mindset to search to see if they are already a customer, previous customer, an active/expire reservation or an existing lead—saving time with data entry and duplicate contacts. In Sitelink Web Edition, go to Company > Setup > Security Levels > choose the employee level, and then uncheck Move In under Operations. Managers use Lead to Lease to not only enter an inquiry or reservation, but also to initiate and complete the move-in process. The more contacts in your database, the better marketing via SiteLink’s CRM and analysis for future customer acquisition.

Q. Are there any plans for SiteLink to add options for follow up from the Lead section of letters other than sending a quote, or will it continue to be a CRM option?
A. The Filters and Reminders section of Lead to Lease has options for following up.


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    Here are the results to the polling questions asked during the webinar; there were more than 100 participants on the live webinar.

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     I would like to move fully over to eSign, but like so many my Owners are hesitant. Question: Is there a way to have an option to print the lease or eSign? I can only find either or, but not a place that allow you to have both options.
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    Hello @GinaVal, in Web Edition you can print a lease by choosing "Preview" (instead of eSign) under Move-In Forms and then print from there. See below:

    This preview option is not available in myHub, however you can print an eSigned lease for a hard copy record at any time. Hope this helps!
  • GinaVal
    GinaVal Registered User, Daily Operations Certified
    Hello @GinaVal, in Web Edition you can print a lease by choosing "Preview" (instead of eSign) under Move-In Forms and then print from there. See below:

    This preview option is not available in myHub, however you can print an eSigned lease for a hard copy record at any time. Hope this helps!
    Thank you, that is helpful. I have 2 forms to print, our lease and our policies. How can I set this up to print the policies as well?

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