Q. What's so different about this access control system?

AaronH SpiderDoor Moderator
A. The short answer would be "The Internet". This keypad works just like your traditional self-storage keypad, the only difference is it's connected to the cloud. There are no other boxes, software or controllers to install. There are no wires to run back to your main office. You simply have a relay wire over to your gate motor and a wire for electricity. Additionally, you DO NOT have to run your access control software in the background behind your management software. 

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  • AKKathie
    AKKathie Registered User ✭✭✭
    Still waiting to see if this is better than the other systems used throughout our locations.  The camera never really seems to get the person's identifiable face just their chest.  When its dark out they are just a shadow.  The time zone was an hour off.  The gate kept staying open for hours at a time in the morning. Now would not let the customer in on time in the morning. Hope all items improve.  
  • AaronH
    AaronH SpiderDoor Moderator
    Good morning. Thanks so much for your comments. I wanted to address each of your points. Also, feel free to call us anytime with further questions about our products.  Support: (205) 598-2212 or my direct line is (205) 364-2266. Feel free to call me anytime at all.

    Your points:

    Statement #1- The camera never really seems to get the person's identifiable face just their chest.
    Answer: Our cameras are simply made to get a snap shot of the person entering the code. It is definitely not included for your overall security. There are plenty of great security company's to help you with a camera system if your site needs heightened security. Again, the photo angle depends on the height in which your installer installed the keypad first and foremost. If it is a walk up keypad, it should be mounted higher than a drive up in order to get a good angle of the tenant. (See photo below. This is a snapshot of a site in Georgia, using the managers app provided for you. This keypad was mounted higher so it would get a good angle on the tenant.)

     Drive up pedestals are meant to allow easy access to the keypad for people driving up, not walking up to the keypad. (Seen below)

    Again, this camera is a convenience. Not a security feature. We do understand that many photos will not have a perfect angle but the camera isn't our primary focus at all.  The camera can be switched off if you desire. Our goal is to provide easy  control of your access to a facility first and foremost using Spiderdoor and Sitelink together. Also, these cameras are not meant for dark conditions. You will need to have ample light in order to see the photos taken during the night. If you do not have lights at your entrance, your pictures will not be visible. 

    Statement #2 - 
    The time zone was an hour off. 
    Answer:  Your time zone or daylight savings wasn't set properly. On your activity log dashboard, you are able to set your time zone as well as daylight savings time for each location with ease. (See attached photo) at the very bottom)

    Statement #3 - 
    The gate kept staying open for hours at a time in the morning. 
    Answer: Our keypads will not hold a gate in the open position unless a manager clicks "LATCH OPEN" as seen in the attached illustration. If you click the green "LACTH OPEN" button, your gate will remain in the open position until you click "RELEASE LATCH." You can see that when you latch the gate open because it shows in the activity log as well.

    The gate standing open would be due to your loop or sensor being out of adjustment with your gate motor hardware. You would want to contact your gate installer to correct that issue as that is not a keypad issue.

    Statement #4 - Gate
     would not let the customer in on time in the morning.
    Answer: This is due to your time zone or daylight savings setting not being setup properly. (see photo below) Once your logged in to the dashboard viewing the activity log, the settings are above the start of the activity log and on the right side of the screen for super easy access. (Seen in photo below) They are easily edited by the location manager at any time.

    We appreciate your business and we want your gate access to work perfectly. Please never hesitate to call me personally if you have further questions. I will be glad to walk you through any part step by step personally. Thanks and have a great day.

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