New Background Auto-billing, Invoicing in SiteLink myHub [Press Release]

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You can now batch process tenant invoices and recurring ACH/credit card payments

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, is pleased to announce background batch processing for recurring payments and invoicing for SiteLink myHub.


  • Start the batch processing and then continue with other activities
  • Invoice one-by-one or in large or small batches
  • myHub emails receipts to tenants depending on setup preferences
  • SiteLink myHub will feature more overnight billing options in June 2018

Batch process monthly, recurring credit card and ACH payments

Managers can now process ACH and credit card auto-billing in SiteLink myHub from any device, operating system or browser.

Like auto-bill processing in SiteLink Web Edition, users reverse bad checks, reconcile returns, filter for different categories and choose to process tenants individually or as a larger batch. SiteLink myHub is available for other tasks while billing runs in the background.

“We developed the new billing with our customers’ needs in mind,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s COO. “With batch processing working in the background, managers and staff can complete move-ins, move-outs and run reports without interrupting workflow and making customers wait.”

Using feedback from the largest user-base of any software, SiteLink carefully created myHub’s clean, user-friendly interface to help managers and boost efficiency. The popular design addresses managers’ common problems: processing payments quickly while solving exceptions including updating tenants’ credit card preferences, reversing charges, and handling NSFs and declined payments.

Processing invoices

The new tenant batch invoicing adds filtering by category such as floor or email address. Options include custom, single tenant and group invoicing and document fees. Similar to auto-billing, invoicing runs in the background while managers handle other tasks in myHub.

User-friendly experience

Like all features in SiteLink myHub, the new auto-bill and invoicing workflow is fast and convenient. “SiteLink myHub is a streamlined, user-friendly interface,” said Ross Lampe, SiteLink’s President. “Our customers consistently express how intuitive it is and how the mobility improves their workflow. These features are sure to be very popular with our users.”

SiteLink myHub continues to advance

Since its launch, myHub has grown rapidly as more features are added regularly. SiteLink software remains the most widely used cloud system in the self-storage industry.

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