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Prevent Reverse Overlock reminders for multi-unit tenants until all units are paid?

GSI_GreenvilleGSI_Greenville SCRegistered User
There is a setting for our gate under Company > Setup > Gate Setup > "Gate Access Rules for Multi-Unit Tenants" > Mode 1 ("If one or more units are past due, the gate is locked for all units (default)."  However, when a multi-unit tenant pays the balance on only some of their units, a Reverse Overlock reminder generates for the units they paid.  Is there a similar setting for the unit overlocks to prevent this reminder from appearing until all their units are paid?  It doesn't really make sense to remove overlocks on some of their units when their gate access is suspended until all units are paid.


  • GSI_GreenvilleGSI_Greenville SCRegistered User
    I had posted this on the forum because SiteLink was closed for the weekend at the time.  I emailed them the same question a few minutes ago, and I got a reply that there is no way to do this currently, but it has been submitted as a feature request.
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