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CallPotential Launches Handheld Manager Tablet: Rent Units, Assist Customers; Enter Leads Anywhere

holly_fiorelloholly_fiorello NACallPotential Moderator ✭✭
edited May 2017 in CallPotential
Chicago, IL: CallPotential launches SmartKIOSK Mobile, an impressive, portable, manager handheld tool that accelerates and simplifies day to day operations. Managers can view customer history, sell moving supplies, make notes, move out customers and manage payments from anywhere. Whether in the middle of a property tour, on-campus, or at a community event, the storage office travels with the user.

Along with the increased flexibility, CallPotential has built in a number of innovations including smart scan to eliminate manual
data entry, integrated e-esign, paperless delivery, and more – all able to cut the rental process down from +15 minutes to under 2. (Keep reading...)
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