Track your Lead-to-Rental Conversions with SiteLink's Lead Funnel Report

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Lead Funnel Report Delivers Actionable Insights on Your Lead Management Workflow

Make business decisions based on real-world data

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for self-storage operations of all sizes, is pleased to introduce the Lead Funnel report for self-storage operators. This essential report crunches and categorizes huge amounts of lead data, helping facility owners make informed decisions on lead workflows.

  • Detailed Lead Funnel report is ideal tool for tracking conversions of leads to rentals
  • Report reveals what’s working and what’s not
  • SiteLink continues to provide flexible, powerful features to help owners succeed
Precise lead-to-rental tracking
SiteLink’s Lead Funnel report displays all leads, reservations and rentals from all touch points, including the store’s website, call center, kiosk, etc., and also measures lead flow including scheduled follow-up data, expirations, cancellations and conversions to rental. Owners easily scan employee performance and check for timely follow-ups, or filter by time frame or activity for more precise focus.

Identify what works—and what doesn’t
Measuring the success of various marketing workflows is easy with the Lead Funnel report. Was the conversion rate better for Internet or walk-ins? Are all employees following up on leads in a timely manner? Why is the cancellation rate higher than last month? Owners and managers use this information to invest resources where they make the most impact, ask important questions, and adjust workflows as necessary to steer the business in the most profitable direction.

Closely integrated with Lead to Lease
The powerful Lead Funnel report crunches data and presents real quantitative analysis of rental conversions. Much of this data is sourced from Lead to Lease, SiteLink’s top-to-bottom optimized workflow for managing lead data. Site Managers enter the lead origin, such as walk-in or phone, plus schedule follow-up times—not just dates—directly in the Lead to Lease menu in SiteLink myHub. All data flows through to the Lead Funnel report and is available on-demand for analysis.

Still not enough data? Export the Lead Funnel report for more
The report’s on-screen view shows high-level, popular data categories. Simply export the Lead Funnel report from the Corporate Control Center into an Excel document for more percentages and revelations about your lead-conversion workflow.
SiteLink continues to give owners more tools, choices and better features to help self-storage businesses succeed. Every facility is unique – what works for one may never gain ground at another. The Lead Funnel report allows owners to tailor the report via filters based on business targets and analyze only applicable data.

Learn more about Lead to Lease in SiteLink’s on-demand webinar Increase Rentals with SiteLink Lead to Lease and a Paperless Office.

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