Leading Self-Storage Online Auction Site Added to SiteLink Marketplace [press release]

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StorageTreasures now integrated with SiteLink Management Software

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, is pleased to announce a new technology partnership with top self-storage online auction site StorageTreasures.com via SiteLink’s seamless API integration.
With 15,000 auctions per month, StorageTreasures is the Internet's leading storage auction information portal and is managed by Phoenix-based self-storage innovator OpenTech Alliance.


  • Tenant data automatically imported into StorageTreasures
  • Integration expands on OpenTech Alliance and SiteLink’s longtime partnership
  • SiteLink continues to offer choice in Marketplace partners

Reduces workload for site managers

With this new integration, tenant data is imported directly from SiteLink to StorageTreasures, where the auction is posted at the proper time and managed from start to finish. Managers no longer need to manually schedule, promote and host a live auction at their facility and the process is completely automatic.

More features will be available soon, including automatic cancellation of auctions if a tenant pays the outstanding balance, lien notice postings and additional data analysis on debt recovery rates.

“This integration is very exciting for both companies,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s Chief Client Advocate. “StorageTreasures is a leader in online auctions, recognized by self-storage operators, appraisers and many other key players in the self-storage business. We are thrilled to now offer this service to our customers.”

Online auctions save time and remove the risk of costly errors that can derail live auctions and frustrate buyers, managers and owners alike. Online auctions open the event to bidders in neighboring cities and states and are not impacted by poor weather or delays, such as waiting for a group of lien units to be available for auction.

OpenTech Alliance and SiteLink partnership expands

SiteLink and OpenTech Alliance, a global leader in automation for the self-storage industry, have a long history of working together to provide first-class technology solutions to self-storage customers.

“Integrating StorageTreasures with SiteLink is a natural evolution of our longstanding partnership,” said Robert A. Chiti, President and CEO for OpenTech Alliance. “Both teams are focused on delivering forward-thinking solutions for the benefit of our customers.”

Other SiteLink API integrations with OpenTech include kiosks, call centers, tenant notification and cloud gate access solutions.

Marketplace continues to offer choice

SiteLink Marketplace partners enjoy the highest standards of API integration. Operators have access to top-notch providers and can expect seamless workflows and proven results. The Marketplace offers everything from websites and call centers to tenant insurance and cloud-storage services.

“Having choice allows you to partner with the providers who best fit your business,” Hecker added. “We realize owners and operators have different goals, clientele and priorities, so we make sure to offer a variety of reliable, cutting-edge technology options for their business. The focus has always been on our customers.”

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