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What's a happy medium for pushing the online VS the street rate? I tend to go for the online rate a lot personally. (More than I should probably) It's generally how the tenants find us and usually when they come in they have that particular price set in their minds, and it's really hard to upsell them unless they end up needing a bigger unit.

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    Unless they specifically mention an online price i'm quoting them whatever my highest price is. There are times I have *made up* pricing depending on what information I may have or if the facility is filling up and in demand. Most i've ever managed to get was just over double the cost of a unit. Current standard was $80 and I sold it for $163. If you are a quick thinker you can usually get a good gauge on what you can do based on various factors.

    Far as i'm concerned it's like when I was a car salesman, if you walk on the lot with no prior information i'm going to shoot for the moon, if you tell me you already looked online or have spoken to someone I'll go by whatever may of been quoted then. Doesn't mean I wont try to switch you to a different size unit and start at the top again though! :wink:

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