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How To Stop Deleted/Errored accounts showing up on Reports!

AimeeAimee EuropeRegistered User
HELP! I need to find a way to remove deleted accounts (deleted and started again due to errors) or at least find a way to NOT have a deleted account show up on a report:

When sitelink was set up there was an error with the tax value that messed up a lot of the tenant accounts. Most I managed to fix, but for a few tenants who had lots of units their accounts had become so mixed up that in the end I had to delete them and start again. 
However, When I go to print a report- Aged Recievables specifically- EVERY tenant is showing up, including the Deleted tenant accounts AND the correct version of the same tenant. So basically some people (any the payments etc) are showing up twice, resulting in a totally inaccurate Report. 

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