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duplicate numbers

jojojojo ALRegistered User
Hey has anyone ever encountered an issue with a number of a unit duplicating its self 
example 3 units A20 A 27 A28  to the same person linked units 
A28  showed in the availability to rent so i had to reserve it till they get it fixed because it doesn't show as a unit i can link or anywhere else in the system 

Best Answer

  • ESSESS TX ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    So A28 is a rented unit that is linked to a tenant who has 2 other units; yet A28 is showing vacant?
    Angela Reyes


  • jojojojo ALRegistered User
    they should have a27 a28 and a20 but there is no a28 its missing in system but i have 2 . a27 s 
  • ESSESS TXRegistered User ✭✭✭
    I would go in the system and modify one of the units to the correct unit number
    Angela Reyes
  • jojojojo ALRegistered User
    I tried its only showing as a rent- able and a taken unit it won't let me do anything with it i have been in contact with site link several times they DO NOT EVER answer my calls or emails until like 4 days or more into it if at ALL  and refuse to give me a supervisors number or email i have left a number of messages with i think now 5 different supervisors NONE of which have yet to return any of my calls since April 
    Not to mention that their staff is RUDE. Next suggestion ?????
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