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Is there anyone who has rented storage containers?

KateKate CanadaRegistered User

Last month we bought a new house in Ontario. We plan to shift by next month. The thing that concerns me is, packing and shifting process. As we have a busy schedule, we decided to pack our valuables step by step. Portable storage containers are necessary for this process. We searched and consulted some storage container suppliers. But they were very expensive.

Last day we approached a portable storage container provider, which was suggested by one of my friends. They were really friendly and explained their rules in detail. Even they provide the containers at affordable rates. So we plan to take containers from them. Is there anyone who has rented storage containers? Please share some tips.

Thank You!


  • JamesStorageJamesStorage MORegistered User ✭✭✭
    As a rule I don't generally use Storage containers. But if you have to make sure everything is secured in some form for the likely event that the container will need to be moved while full. My chief complaint is for how easy it is damage something because it was not secured when the unit was moved. Most companies don't cover events like that either and file it under "Customer Negligence"
  • Drew_ScadooDrew_Scadoo OHRegistered User ✭✭✭
    I have not used one but have them dropped off at the different locations from time to time and there system to get them off the truck seem to wobble the container and I can't even imagine how much things bounce around during the drive. 
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